Food and styling Workshop


On Sunday I attended a lovely food and styling workshop hosted by Le Collectif at Toronto’s french inspired bakery +cafe, Maman. It was such a pleasure to be surrounded by people of different backgrounds, but what all brought us together was the love for food, of course! On a long, wooden table outside on the balcony of the cafe, laid plates filled with blueberry and lavender loafs, petite raspberry tea cakes, figs, pears, porcelain white dishes, modern silverware and beautiful soft linens. Even before we began to arrange our setups to shoot, everything looked perfect just as it was. The important tip which I learned from this workshop was, the more minimal and negative space you have around your subjects, the better. After attending this workshop, I feel as if I really found my aura in photography and where I belong in this field. I met interesting people whose same interest for food and styling all brought us together, you could just feel the love and passion spreading through everyone’s finger tips, what a life!




For a long time now it’s been a challenge to go out of my comfort zone and break away from being timid, afraid of taking risks, making mistakes but now I realize, where is the creativity in being ordinary when all these things are what can make you extraordinary! I have many lessons in life to learn and they only begin with new challenges laid ahead of me.


Setting up our table with creative people
One of my favourite Toronto bloggers from Sylvia’s Simple Life

Try and make every meal, everyday a pleasure to love food even more. On that note, bon appétit!

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