A new beginning

Welcome everyone to my first official blog post!

I always had this idea of starting up a blog about all my travelling, lifestyle, and food, in the back of my mind but never was really serious about it. I did create a Tumblr page in middle school, where I began posting recipes of small sweets I baked, then come the beginning of university, the journal/blog came to a halt, and remained so ever since. Continuing to bake and cook a bit throughout my university years, I would photograph and set up the food but I didn’t think too much about sharing any recipes until the end of my final undergraduate project. My friends and some professors said to me, “You know what, you should start thinking of making a blog and share your recipes too because we want to know how to make all these delicious things!”  Well guys, the day has finally come!


This blog is not only about food & recipes, but the stories created between place, food and my lifestyle. My second passion is travelling, and I have been doing so since a toddler. So I suppose I can say travel has become a habit, one too hard to resist 😉Discovering the various cultures and traditions from country to country, opens your eyes in a completely different light and you begin to interpret the world from a new perspective each time. Whichever place I have travelled to, I notice the little things in the people, city, gestures, or a particular time of the day, that makes a memory that more memorable. Such as going to a small coffee shop in the afternoon in Modena, the young lady speaks to us in Italian and barely speaks English, but with a point of a finger and a smile, we understood each other. Simply exchanging smiles and grazies, I happily drank my first nocciolino, smiling 🙂 Those little momentos are what fill my heart.

The goal with this blog is to share with you my insights of life and the little things I notice along the way. To share each bite and sip of tea with me, delicious recipes, and a bit of storytelling with pictures and words. I like to think that we create our own stories, without even realizing, and I have always been interested to find a place to record and share my creative writing that I keep hidden in the back of my mind. Now I think I’ve found it!

Without further a due, may this be the beginning of something new and exciting, a journey for myself and my readers. I look forward to discovering where the road will lead me, with all its imperfect bumps and curves. Let the blogging commence 🙂

P.S. In my next post I will feature the first recipe, perfect for the fall season.



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