An apple cake and a foggy road

Second blog post, here we go!

I have been feeling quite inspired and motivated lately, baking away almost every weekend. Perhaps its the sign of those colder days and my way of warming up is staying home, putting on my apron, a sip of hot, steaming tea and let the baking begin!

Not too long ago, I woke up to our first snowfall, a thin layer of white dust, saying hello it’s almost time. Although I have to admit, I am not ready for the upcoming holiday season, it’s too early in my opinion! Let us enjoy the tastes of apples, pears, pumpkins just a while longer. The leaves may be falling or already fallen, but I still want to smell that autumn air, indulge in every breath before the arctic wind rolls in to steal the show. Then again, every season has its own charm and “good looks,” so I am sure when Winter officially strikes the hour, you will hear me complimenting her beauty and one-of-a-kind charisma 🙂

foggy road_4

So far, this month we have had two beautiful foggy days, and I cannot tell you how happy I was to see that white mist sitting in front of my eyes. I waited so long to capture this day, since the summer actually! Why does fog intrigue me so much you may ask? Well it’s that mysterious tale the fog tells; a tale of the unknown which lies behind the white smoke, waiting for you to fill in the blanks. But when I stood in the middle of that foggy road, I was blanketed with such calmness and silence, as if I were floating on top a cloud way up above.

One Sunday we took the car and just drove one way, no left, no right, just forward. Here is where that path took us, in the midst of all this fog.

foggy road_3

Whenever I cook/bake something at home, I always want to share it with people, with my family as they are the ones always ready to take that first bite, my first food critics and the best ones too.

Not too long ago, I made the delicious pumpkin and pear cake from the talented duo at Foodstories (you should check out their blog, quite inspiring). I first tried it at the Bordeaux workshop I attended this year, where Foodstories were invited alongside many wonderful bloggers/ photographers from the world of food blogging. (Next post I will share with you my experience from the First We Eat workshop, the dream I have dreamt of for so long finally came true!) This time of year, I tend to bake many little cakes, coffee treats of the sort, with anything that has to do with apples!

autumn_apple cake_table

I decided to take on my own version of their pumpkin + pear cake and instead experiment with apples and replace the pumpkin pureé with apple sauce. The day I made this cake, fall treated us with a lovely evening, not too cold, not too warm but just the right fall weather. I wrapped myself with a warm scarf while sitting around our backyard table, accompanied by a hot cup of Turkish coffee, watching the steam rising into the air. We turned on our Sonos player, put the French radio station to Nostalgie and then came on Dalida’s song “Gigi L’amoroso.” The piece sounded like a whole musical performance, it really makes you feel as if you are listening to a movie, picturing Gigi singing along the warm, Italian streets. It always amazes me how music can make you feel all sort of emotions, just as a movie can make you cry when you watch a sad scene of two lovers departing from each others lives.

fall things_2

Perhaps that’s how I feel when I find myself baking in the kitchen. As I watch the end coming near, the cake turning golden in the oven, my eyes widen with excitement, hardly patient to take it out and smell it delicious flavours. So yes, my happy place is in the kitchen, cooking/baking, getting the pots and pans dirty  and the sink full of hard working utensils.

So I sit here in front of my fireplace, writing to you of my little thoughts that go about in my head, words that make better sense when written down rather than out aloud.

I promised in my first post, that I would include a recipe in my second blog post. For the moment, I am at that stage where I am trying out other food blogger’s recipes, and then experimenting to make my own versions afterwards. So for those bake-at-home enthusiasts, and everyone who was asking me to share this deliciousness, I suggest you check out the excellent recipe from the bloggers at Food Stories here:


For my version, I simply replaced the whole pears with small apples, and used organic applesauce instead of the pumpkin puree. Et voila! Fall doesn’t get better than this 🙂



Happy reading!

With kindness, Marielou



One thought on “An apple cake and a foggy road

  1. It is so good to see your beautiful photos and your passion for food and life. I look forward to seeing a few recipes that I can try. Of course, I won’t be able to photograph as well as you, but maybe I will try.

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