Workshop in Bordeaux

I have been meaning to post about the food+ photography workshop I attended past September, and here it is, finally came around! Firstly, last summer I visited and revisited quite a few wonderful places, met some new faces, and created a beautiful imprint on my life I will never forget. I will start backwards, beginning with my trip to France.

It’s been a while since I last travelled to the country de l’amour; I was still in middle school back then. Not to say that I did not take in all the beautiful sights, history, food and moments at that time, but now as I have grown, with the years I feel my perspective of the world, places, and cultures is far greater and wider than ever before. As a photographer, my eye is constantly searching for new details, new corners yet to be discovered and hidden moments within the everyday. It’s as if I have gained a better understanding of how life is evolving around me. I am not going to get all philosophical here because then I will go on and on, probably making no sense but only to myself!

I tried something new last year and decided it was time to take the first step forward into my future career as a freelance photographer/entrepreneur. For a long time, I have been following some incredibly talented and hard working young women from across the globe, who have always been both my inspirations and motivators. I was planning a trip to Italy and coincidentally saw that food photographer and blogger, Eva Kosmas Flores was hosting a workshop in early September in the wine region of France, Bordeaux. When I saw Linda Lomelino and the duo from Berlin, Food Stories were also part of this gathering it was a dream come true! So that was it, I was sold! I bought my ticket to France right there and then!



I had arrived a few days prior to the workshop in Bordeaux and stayed not too far from the city centre to explore the surrounding area of Medoc and of course Bordeaux as well. The day before my parents left back home for Toronto, we were driving along the rolling hills of the wine region, miles and miles of only green vineyards could be seen, when we thought, why not have a sneak peek at the Chateau I would be staying at for 4 nights during this workshop. It was then that I discovered that being curious can go a long way! Just one look at the this once owned family chateau, passing through the front doors, my nerves were jumping all over place with such anticipation. I am going to be staying here, waking up to this view every morning, spending every minute with the people I have been following for so long, what?!!! I am the type of person that when I get really excited, I am jumping from within and but on the outside all you’ll see is a huge nervous smile 🙂


So yes, to say the least, I was definitely excited yet also nervous at the same time. For me it was as if I was going to be meeting with Martha Stewart and be talking with her, sitting at the same table, exchanging words, sort of feeling, no exaggeration.

On the day all attendees were arriving for the workshop, I met my first new friends on the way going to the chateau. Such interesting and passionate ladies, we spent a couple hours before reaching our final destination, in the small town of St.Emilion, just over half an hour drive from our chateau. We introduced ourselves, laughed together, and spoke about the different backgrounds we come from. This was all very new to me; meeting up with someone who I had never met before, in one car, driving together to this workshop with more new people from various countries, to meet and spend those days with some of my idols only on social media have I interacted with … it wall all quite a shock, a good one to say the least! I felt like a little bird taking its first flight into this big  world, still unaware of how much more I was about to discover.

When I first arrived into this small yet enchanting chateau, filled with so much mystery and stories to tell, there I found myself in the company of women from different points of the globe, together in one room, brought by the forces of passion for what we all have in common = the love of good food and capturing beautiful moments.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves for now, with more special moments and pictures to come in the next post. I hope these images will convey the same excitement as I had when I took part in this workshop, and make you feel as if you were there, sitting beside me at every meal.




Bordeaux_door (1 of 1)



With kindness,





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